"Never have I been exposed to a more complete system of
defense than that of Russian Martial Art, operated by Mr. Vasiliev"

Official Headquarters of Systema in Belgium

Welcome to the Belgian official headquarters of Systema as taught by Vladimir Vasiliev.

Systema was introduced in Belgium in 2005 by Koen and Jurgen Dejonghe, the first full certified instructors in Belgium.

It is run by and all classes are taught by Koen Vandersteene, Senior Systema Instructor in Belgium, who is personally trained and fully certified by Vladimir Vasiliev.

There is no contesting or competition in Systema. The idea is to survive or prevail. There is no need to beat anyone.  Violence for a Systema practitioner is not a proving ground, its just a job or a necessity.  In fact Systema really has very little to do with other people or their perceptions of you.

Systema is a study of yourself.
Primary to every level of these experiences is the Russian phrase "Poznai Sebia" which translates as "Know Yourself".

Subtle, pragmatic and uncompromising, Systema covers all aspects of combat training from hand-to-hand to defense against weapons in any and all environments. With no forms or kata to memorize, no techniques, no belts, no predetermined attitudes to conform to, just natural movement that can be practiced for a lifetime. Resulting in the development of a deep understanding of human nature, Systema is truly a unique and boundless art.

About us

A highly experienced and dedicated Systema Instructor. Koen will provide students with self defence competence and personal growth.
A caring and energetic instructor with outstanding teaching abilities. 

I recommend him very highly.”

Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema Headquarters Director and Head Instructor

‘No rules. No belts. No nonsense. The system – a fighting art without all the needless baggage.’
Black Belt Magazine.

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